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Yoram Rudy named to National Academy of Inventors

Professor and CBAC Director, Yoram Rudy, along with a faculty member from the School of Medicine, were named to the National Academy of Inventors.

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows Program highlights inventors who demonstrate a “prolific spirit of innovation.”

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Yoram Rudy NAI Announcement


Graduate Student Jiajing Xu Successful Thesis Defense

Jiajing Xu successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on Friday, September 14th.

She is also first author on a paper entitled, "Effects of ß-subunit on gating of a potassium ion channel: Molecular simulations of cardiac IKs activation" in the journal Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.

Congratulations Dr. Xu!

Thesis Abstract | Paper Abstract

Jiajing Xu


Graduate Student Christopher Andrews Successful Thesis Defense

Christopher Andrews successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on Wednesday, August 29th.

Thesis Title: "Noninvasive Multi-Modality Studies of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Mechanics, and Anatomical Substrate in Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure, and Healthy Adults"

Congratulations Dr. Andrews!

Thesis Abstract | Curriculum Vitae

Christopher Andrews


Graduate Student Smiruthi Ramasubramanian Successful Thesis Defense

Smiruthi Ramasubramanian successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on Thursday, August 9th

Thesis Title: "Computational Studies of the Concealed Gating Pathways and Electrophysiological Function of the Human Cardiac IKs Channel"

She is also first author on a paper entitled, "The Structural Basis of IKs Ion-Channel Activation: Mechanistic Insights from Molecular Simulation" in the journal Biophysical Journal.

Congratulations Dr. Ramasubramanian!

Thesis Abstract | Curriculum Vitae | Full Paper

Smiruthi Ramasubramanian


Yoram Rudy Lab Reunion

In celebration of many years of breakthrough science, the alumni of the Yoram Rudy Lab organized a reunion on May 23-24, 2018 in St. Louis. There was a full afternoon of activity on Wednesday, May 23rd and continued on to the morning of Thursday, May 24th.


Yoram Rudy Keynote IDSS 2018


CBAC Director Dr. Yoram Rudy to Give Keynote Lecture at the 14th International Dead Sea Symposium (IDSS) 2018

Dr. Yoram Rudy will give the keynote lecture entitled, "Breakthrough in Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention Noninvasive Treatment of Ventricular Tachycardia Guided by Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI)" during the 14th International Dead Sea Symposium (IDSS) on Innovations in Cardiac Arrhythmias & Heart Failure, October 18-31, 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Yoram Rudy Keynote IDSS 2018


Noninivasive Ablation for Caridac Arrhythmias – A New Noninvasive Treatment Based on Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI)

ECGI was developed in Dr. Yoram Rudy's laboratory. The treatment is offered at Washington University in St. Louis and at the Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic Article

Dr. Rudy and colleagues published findings from a case series of five patients in the New England Journal of Medicine in December 2017.

New England Journal of Medicine Paper

Noninivasive Ablation for Caridac Arrhythmias – A New Noninvasive Treatment Based on Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI)


FDA Clears Noninvasive CardioInsight Mapping Solution from Medtronic

The CardioInsight ECGI system was cleared by the FDA. After 30 years of development and validation in CBAC Director Yoram Rudy's laboratory, he hopes to see ECGI in clinical use in hospitals, helping to treat cardiac patients.

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FDA Clears Noninvasive CardioInsight Mapping Solution from Medtronic


Graduate Student Ramya Vijayakumar Successful Thesis Defense

Ramya Vijayakumar successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation on Tuesday, November 1st.

Thesis Title: "Methodology Considerations in Phase Analysis and Clinical Application of Electrocardiographic Imaging in Patients with Long QT Syndrome"

She is also first author on a paper entitled, "Methodology Considerations in Phase Mapping of Human Cardiac Arrhythmias" in the journal Circulation. Phase analysis of cardiac arrhythmias, particularly atrial fibrillation, has gained interest because of the ability to detect organized stable drivers (rotors) and target them for therapy. However, the lack of methodology details in publications on the topic has resulted in ongoing debate over the phase mapping technique. By comparing phase maps and activation maps, she and fellow CBAC members, examined advantages and limitations of phase mapping.

Congratulations Dr. Vijayakumar!

Thesis Abstract | Curriculum Vitae | Full Paper

Ramya Vijayakumar


How a Frankenstein Prototype Ended Up Being Worth $93M

Recent news on Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) from MedTechWorld, MPMN, Medical Product Manufacturing News journal:

FULL PDF (Cover and article on p. 22)

CBAC 10th Anniversary Symposium


CBAC 10th Anniversary Symposium

Cardiac Arrhythmias: the Genes, the Cell, and the Clinician

On Friday, August 28th, the Cardiac Bioelectricity & Arrhythmia Center (CBAC) of Washington University held a one-day symposium celebrating its 10th anniversary. The symposium addressed basic research and clinical issues in the field of cardiac arrhythmias. Faculty included speakers from Washington University and guests from all around the world.

Slideshow and More Information

CBAC 10th Anniversary Symposium


Graduate Student Junjie Zhang Successful Thesis Defense

Junjie Zhang (JJ) defended his Ph.D. dissertation on Friday, August 21st. We celebrated that evening in Hadas and Yoram Rudy's home.

He is also first author on a paper entitled, "Cardiac Electrophysiologic Substrate Underlying the ECG Phenotype and Electrogram Abnormalities in Brugada Syndrome Patients" in the journal Circulation. Brugada Syndrome is hereditary and causes sudden death in men in their thirties. It is prevalent in south-east Asia and most common in Thailand. People with mutations that cause the Brugada syndrome die in their sleep, and often the first arrhythmic episode is fatal. Junjie’s work helps to understand the mechanisms that cause arrhythmias in these people.

Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

Full Paper

Ramya Vijayakumar


Graduate Student Ramya Vijayakumar First Author on Paper

A recent publication in the journal Circulation describes research conducted by Ramya Vijayakumar, a Ph.D. student in the lab. Ramya used a novel noninvasive imaging modality - Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) to study the arrhythmic substrate in the hearts of 25 patients with a hereditary rhythm disorder, called the Long QT syndrome, that can lead to sudden death. This is the first study to shed light on the abnormal electrophysiology of a genetic disorder in the intact human heart.

Full Paper

Ramya Vijayakumar


Dr. Yoram Rudy Awarded $1.520M NIH Grant

Dr. Yoram Rudy was awarded a $1,520,000 four year grant (years 21-24 of the award) from the NIH – National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for the project titled “Cardiac Excitation and Arrhythmias.” The overall objective of this research is to provide mechanistic understanding of the relationships between the dynamic molecular structure of cardiac ion-channel proteins during their gating process and their function as charge carriers during the whole-cell action potential (AP).



Alumnus Jordi Heijman Receives the CARIM Dissertation Award

Jordi Heijman received the prestigious CARIM Dissertation Award 2011-2012 during the evening program of the CARIM symposium 2013 on October 30, 2013 for his thesis: "Computational analysis of β-adrenergic stimulation and its effects on cardiac ventricular electrophysiology"

Dr. Jordi Heijman, currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, was a pre-doctoral fellow in Yoram Rudy’s laboratory for 2 years, where he conducted modeling work towards his PhD Dissertation from Maastricht University in the Netherlands

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Rudy Lab at the 2013 Heart Rhythm Society's 34th Annual Scientific Sessions

Members of the Rudy Lab participated in the Heart Rhythmn Society meeting in Denver, Colorado May 8-11. They included Graduate Student Ramya Vijayakumar, Clinical Fellow Phillip Cuculich, Dr. Jordi Heijman (alumnus) and Dr. Yoram Rudy.


Dr. Yoram Rudy gives keynote address at the Symposium in Honor of David S. Rosenbaum, M.D.

Dr. Yoram Rudy, The Fred Saigh Distinguished Professor and Director, Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center gave the keynote address entitled: "Cardiac Repolarization: From Molecule to Human Heart"

Symposium Itinerary


Graduate Students Smiruthi and Jiajing Receive Merit Award

Congratulations to Smiruthi Ramasubramanian and Jiajing Xu, who received a Merit Award for their poster presentation “Structure and Gating of the Cardiac Iks Channel” at the 10th Gordon Research Conference on Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms (Ventura, California, February 21st 2013).

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CardioInsight Raises $5.7M for Heart-Mapping Technology

CardioInsight Technologies, whose technology was initiated by Rudy Lab Alumni Charu Ramanathan and Ping Jia, continues the development of Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) for clinical application.

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