Noninivasive Ablation for Cardiac Arrhythmias

ECGI, Noninvasive, Refractory Ventricular Tachycardia

A New Noninvasive Treatment Based on Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) was developed in Dr. Yoram Rudy’s laboratory. The treatment is offered at Washington University in St. Louis and at the Cleveland Clinic.

Measured Impulses (Links to an external site)

Outlook Magazine Front Cover Rudy Winter 2007

Washington University School of Medicine’s quarterly magazine, Outlook, is published by the Office of Medical Public Affairs. Biomedical Engineering Professor Yoram Rudy’s Lab was featured as the Outlook Winter 2007 cover story.

Yoram Rudy delivers the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference Keynote

Dr. Yoram Rudy delivered the Keynote Presentation “Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI): a new noninvasive imaging modality for cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia” at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference in San Diego , February 11-16, 2006.