Yoram Rudy lectures in Japan, Taiwan, celebrates Luo-Rudy model

18th Anniversary of the Luo-Rudy Model Publication
18th Anniversary of the Luo-Rudy Model Publication

Yoram Rudy delivered the Tawara Lecture “Cardiac Excitation and Arrhythmia in the Human Heart: Insights from Noninvasive ECG Imaging ( ECGI)” at the International Congress of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) in Kyoto, Japan, on July 30, 2009. From August 2 – 13, Professor Rudy presented a series of invited lectures in Taiwan at the following universities: National Taiwan University in Taipei, National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Providence University and National Chung Hsing Universities in Taichung. On August 2, 2009 a National Workshop celebrated the 18 year anniversary of the Luo-Rudy model of the cardiac cell. Below are some photos he took of his trips in Japan and Tawan.

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